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    Sad Feeling ok

    Hello Everyone,
    My name is Sandyann, but everyone calls me Sandy. I am new on here, My man is army vet but still active. I have been looking for support since now it has taken us to another city where I don't have no support. I am also new as being a military girlfriend, It has really taken a toll on me. I mean I do get to see him since he hasn't been deployed yet. I am just looking for that support that I need since my family is not here or my close friends. I am also fixing to have our first set of twins in a few months. Lately been feeling depressed, alone. Even though my man is here he still has other duties regarding his job.
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    Congratulations on the twins! I am not sure if you are living on or off base but if you are on you just have to get out there and introduce yourself to your neighbors. They can be a big help especially once the little ones arrive. Maybe you can both get together with a few couples from his unit and met up to get to know each other. It can help if they deploy together to have those women be your support and you theirs. Also start looking for a babysitter now that can start to help you with small things like grocery shopping and laundry so you feel comfortable with he/she when the twins arrive. I know you SO could do those things to help too but reaching out to someone who can be there when/if he can't is important. Or if you both want a few hours out after the babies arrive...which is VERY important. That can really help. Also look into some daycare options because they might have wait list and you will want to get on that even if it's just for one day a week for 4 hours because it will get you time to breathe so you can take care of you too.

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