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Thread: Gift ideas for a large group, please!

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    Gift ideas for a large group, please!

    I am hosting a holiday party and need to give a gift to all attendees. It will probably be all women, though we could have a man or two. There will be very roughly 12-15 guests. In the past, gifts have included things like ornaments or brownies in a jar, to give you an idea of the scale of the gifts. It would be nice if it felt some what wintery, but I'd like to avoid more Christmas-specific stuff (like ornaments).

    Right now, my only idea is to make pumpkin spice syrup and put it in little glass jars. Starbucks here in japan doesn't sell PSLs and people lose their shit over that fact. I don't drink coffee, but the syrup is also good on ice cream, on pancakes, and a few other uses, so it is semi-versatile. Also, even though I am a lousy cook and hate every second spent in a kitchen, even I am unlikely to mess up recipe that adds sugar to boiling water and then simmers with spices and pumpkin, then strains. Simple.

    But I don't totally love the idea, so I'm open to any suggestions, please
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    I love that idea, TBH. Even if they don't, it's thoughtful because the area doesn't carry the product. Some other ideas I've received at holiday parties are:

    Six decorative cookies wrapped nicely (like the big kind that are professionally done)
    Homemade sugar scrub in pretty wrapping and jars
    Homemade cookie mix in jars with a mixer attached to the jar and recipe

    I think all of those could be gender neutral and inexpensive to make several at once.
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    I don't like pumpkin spice stuff but I think I'm in the minority in that ... I think it's nice and seasonal and if it's popular and missed like you said it would be a good choice.

    DH's work always gives out nice candles at their holiday parties and I love those. They do winter themed scents but I don't feel like it's super christmas-y.
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    dollar store wine glasses/tumblers with mini bottles of wine/booze? you could take paint markers to the glasses to make them Christmasy.

    I like the pumpkin spice idea, it is original.
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    I like the pumpkin spice idea a TON. You could also do little vials of infused oil as well, that's pretty neutral, hard to mess up, and also useful.
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    I also like the pumpkin spice syrup! If you want to do more wintery you could also make peppermint syrup (like for peppermint mochas if they don't sell those).
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    Honestly, I think that's a fantastic idea. It's thoughtful and unique, not the same type of gift given all the time.

    I think people will be touched and super excited.
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    I am so sick of the pumpkin spice crap but it sounds like they would really like and appreciate it!

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    I don't know if you're looking for something else to make, but I've always enjoyed receiving hot cocoa powder and peppermint sticks/candy canes in mason jars as a gift.

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