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Thread: PCS to Mildenhall/Medical Clearance

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    PCS to Mildenhall/Medical Clearance

    Few questions on the medical clearance. In desperate need of opinions before I drive myself crazy. Here's my medical info below. Tell me what you think.

    I see a high risk breast specialist however I got a letter from her advising I am healthy enough to move there and just get care if able.

    I also see a jaw doctor from where I had an ameloblastoma removed in 2012. I received a letter advising I am good to travel and got my records just indicating it was left open to me having the titanium plate removed if I wish. (Which I won't)

    I also have psoriasis. There is a dermatologist at Lakenheath. I currently take Enbrel and was able to verify they are unable to obtain it there. I already have an appointment to get my medication switched which EFMP said should be fine as long as they can get it over there.

    Noted on my charts I took Xanax PRN (as needed). I honestly can't remember the last time I took one and haven't had a RX since at least 2015 for it. I also have not been seeing anyone.

    Last thing is I have type one herpes (same as for cold sores) genitally. I have only had 2 spells in the last 11 years and the last one was due to the fertility medication I was on. I was treated with Valtrex and no other issues.

    Do you think any of this could prevent clearance? TIA!!!!
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    Can easily see the breast cancer being the main reason they deny you. For the most part if you have to see someone outside of family practice or women's health it can be a harder road to getting approved. They might have those services over there but do they have room to take on another person is usually the issue.
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    Much depends on who is available to care for the conditions you are showing. If there is no one there, you will be denied. It isn't about your ability to travel, it is the ability to offer care at the gaining station. The breast cancer and the Psoriasis may get you denied. They have dermatology; but, they may be full and a 12+ month waiting list.
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    That is quite a few potential specialists you'd have to see and that would have to be available to you, just in case you need them. About the xanax, 2015 isn't all that long ago, and moving to a different country can do a lot of things to your mental well being. As far as I understand, no doctor had actually cleared you from taking it, you just stopped taking it on your own because you felt like you haven't needed it. That's different from getting an ok from your doctor to quit the meds and them making a note in your chart. Your health history will still show xanax as an active medication you're taking.
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    A letter from someone (especially a civilian) saying you can get the care there if necessary is pretty much meaningless. Once the military sends you, they are fully responsible for all your medical needs. Sending you to civilians, especially for advanced care, is extremely expensive for them, as if sending you back to the States for care. "Good to travel" has nothing to do with it. For your jaw, it sounds like you need regular medical care. So that's a person who is guaranteed to eat up medical appointment space in an environment where that care is very limited. If they send you, they are using up medical space that might be needed for people who unexpectedly have issues arise. Your issues aren't unexpected.

    It doesn't matter that there is a dermatologist and a breast oncologist and a psychiatrist and a jaw doctor. It matters if they have ample space to get you the care you not only currently need, but are semi-likely to need in the future of those conditions change. And it matters if they can do that without filling up the system so that it isn't available when people who are already there and to whom they've already committed to care for.

    Medical clearance is a funny thing and there are surprise approvals and surprise denials all that time, so anything is possible, but in your shoes, I would not be counting on it. Are you enrolled in the EFM program? Every service runs the program differently, but I know that for the Navy, you definitely should be enrolled--probably for several of those things--and enrollment *usually* but not always prevents the service member from getting orders where the family can't go. Clearly that ship has sailed for this, but you should get enrolled if it applies. Your DH can actually get in trouble for not having you enrolled if you should be. Since that won't change anything now, I'd just try to get everything submitted ASAP so it and when you are denied, they hopefully have enough time to find different orders for him, rather than sending him unaccompanied.
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    I'm not trying to knock anyone but, I would definitely do research into the care here on and off base. I've never had a problem off base but I've heard others have and the care on base is pretty limited. We basically have one med group for three bases. Not huge bases but you can definitely tell resources are limited. Good luck!
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    I'd definitely be prepared for a denial. We're dealing with similar right now. DH just had Lakenheath drop on Monday and I found out Friday I have a cancer recurrence and most likely won't be able to go. We'll still try but I'm definitely expecting to get denied and preparing to get the crappiest state side assignment ever, lol.

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