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Thread: New to this life and need help to deal

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    Neutral New to this life and need help to deal

    So this will be my first year living this life. There are days where I can deal with my spouse being away then there days where I can't handle it and it gets the best of me. How can anyone deal or handle their emotions and thoughts while supporting the one they love being gone? And then there's the emotional disconnect that my spouse can have. How can I help with that? How can I help myself be more patient and accepting and not take it personal? I have so much on my mind and I feel alone because my friends just don't understand. If anyone is willing to help me in anyway I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for reading this.
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    What kind of emotional disconnect? What sorts of things are you taking personally that you feel like you shouldn't?

    Sometimes, military spouses feel like they have to sort of "shut up and color", and they must take whatever they are dealt because they want to be supportive. Just remember that his job is no excuse for him to treat you unfairly or disrespectfully, or for him to not work to meet your needs and make time for you when he can.
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    Has he always been emotionally disconnected, or only since he deployed?
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    I would go talk to a chaplain together. They can help you talk thtough these issues or refer you to a couples counselor. Most chaplains have seen this sort of issue hundreds of times.

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