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Thread: Prior Service Basic Training (Army National Guard) Fort Leornard Missouri?

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    Prior Service Basic Training (Army National Guard) Fort Leornard Missouri?

    My fiance is prior service (Air Force) and recently reenlisted (Army National Guard), he arrived for basic training last night in Fort Leonard Wood Missouri. This is a new program they have introduced to prior service enlisties. Their basic training is 5-6 weeks vs the normal 10-14 weeks. You cant really find any information on the program so I'm just looking to see if there's anyone out there whose significant other did the same? This is only the second round of this program last class graduated the beginning of May and there were only 10, I think they are expecting 25-30 this time around.
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    What type of information are you looking for? Have you checked out the Ft. Leonard's website? Im sure like any basic they will be doing physical fitness, weapons training, class room training, refresher stuff... maybe what differs from AF to Army... I dunno just some guesses
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    Is it Basic or AIT??

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