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Thread: Easter Plans

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    Easter Plans

    Those of you who observe it, what do you have planned for Easter?

    I've been informed it may be in poor taste to serve rabbit on Easter Sunday, but I honestly don't care. It's not like any of the kids believe in the Easter Bunny (he was never a part of Easter for me growing up elsewhere, and Australians in general have a complicated set of feelings about rabbits because they're obnoxiously destructive introduced pests...if you've never seen a chocolate bilby now would be a good time to google it) so it probably won't be too traumatic!
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    We are headed to my sisters place for a long weekend since command give them one.

    If it helps a few years ago my mother bought a bunny bread...the bread was shaped like a bunny. We ended up tying it down with the chocolate bunnies surrounding it, and slowing slicing off his body parts. I have a video but it would take too long to find. The reason we did this was our sick sense of humor and a story but I can't remember the story.
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    Just church. I'm so so so sad because I am usually running an Easter program, and this year I'm not, and I'm feeling a desperate lack of music. We'll probably make a fancy cake after church, but that's about it.
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    First of all, I think it's hilarious that you will be serving rabbit. I've never even tried rabbit before, but now I want to have it for Easter.

    I usually work Sundays so this is going to be nice because I get the day off! I'll be in charge of the Easter Egg Hunt for the little ones at a family gathering. I always love playing Easter Bunny and hiding some really difficult ones for the older kids!
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    I have been desperately trying to come up with plans. All we have planned is church, but back at home I was used to a huge lunch with dresses and champagne and lots of food and family. I thought we could get together with our friends, but they plan on just getting drunk at home and I definitely don't want to spend Easter with them anymore. I'll probably make a nice meal and maybe hide some eggs in the front yard for the neighbor's son to find.

    A few years ago one of the neighbors here released his bunnies because he no longer wanted to breed them, bunnies did what bunnies do best and we have a now have a rabbit problem in our neighborhood. Wild "domestic" rabbits everywhere, some of them are pretty tame and I'm determined to get some cute Easter pictures..
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    Since all of us are off for Good Friday, hubs and I are taking the kiddo to Fort Worth for an impromptu mini get away! We're going to go to the stockyards and the zoo! Then we will come back Saturday morning and I have to help at the church nursery for our Saturday night services.

    For Easter Sunday the whole family is getting together for an egg hunt and dinner!

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    We are starting the weekend off with Good Friday service on the lawn. Then Saturday morning the hubby has to go in. So me and the kids are going to head to Six Flags for their hunt. We will ride a couple of rides and then head to another hunt at the church my girls attend Youth group at. And wrap up with a glow in the dark hunt for the whole family. Sunday we have church and then Easter dinner.
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    We will most likely attend Easter service on Saturday evening. Aside from the service, we have no plans for Easter. My birthday falls on Easter this year and I'm not too keen on spending a lot of time in the kitchen cooking.
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    Not sure yet. DH doesn't want to do anything but I may drag him to church. I may be atheist now but I was raised on Latin liturgical services for holidays and it just doesn't feel right not to go.
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    I'll be spending the weekend in Big Bear with my sister and BIL and their best friends (:
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