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Thread: Face Wash

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    Question Face Wash

    Hey ladies!

    Just checking in to see what everyone uses for face washes? and cuz Im at work and really bored... I very rarely wear makeup and very rarely wash my face. I am 29 and (this may sound shallow) but I pride myself on having nice face skin. I have never suffered from acne, although I do have my breakouts around my chin and forehead if I am stressed or eat too much sugar. Im trying to get into the habit of washing my face every night and using a moisturizer. I went out and bought Clean and Clear 3 step kit. It has a face foaming wash, astringent cleaner with 2% Salicylic Acid in it and a daily moisturizer with 0.5 Salicylic Acid in it.

    I only use the foaming wash and the moisturizer. I have not used step two, the astringent cleaner due to the high amount of Salicylic Acid in it (I plan on using it on the areas where I might have a break out, when I do)

    I was told that if I dont suffer from acne or have zits I shouldn't use any Salicylic Acid on my face. Anyone have any advise on this? What do you all think, think I am OK using the moisturizer?

    This is what I bought...
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    I'm not a fan of Clean and Clear in general. I like Simple Foaming Cleanser and makeup removal wipes. I also use Tarte Maracuja oil as a moisturizer.
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    There are face washes with no salicylic acid! My sister is allergic so she's always had to use them and they would probably be good for you. If you don't have acne or super oily skin it's best to avoid strong face washes like that or anything that says acne cleansing just because they can dry out your face pretty bad
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    I keep everything as gentle as possible and use retin-a. I have somewhat acne prone skin but I can't even use salycilic acid, it irritates my skin and actually makes it break out. Get cerave or cetaphil or something and call it a day. Don't fix what isn't broken.
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    I have sensitive skin and am not prone to acne, so I avoid anything that says "acne" on it. I used to use First Aid Beauty's face cleanser and cetaphil, but neither of them feel like they fully cleanse my face so I recently switched to Clean and Clear. In the morning I use the morning burst and just wash with my hands, and at night I use the night time one that I apply with my clarisonic so get off all dirt/oil/makeup. I always moisturize after with FAB's moisturizer. My skin looks and feels amazing now.
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    I use olay face cloths and Mary Kay moisturizer.

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    I agree with everyone else, you shouldn't use cleansers targeted to acne if you don't have bad acne. Also, gentle cleansers in general are just a good rule. I get hormonal acne break outs and I have lots of scarring from my teenage years, but I don't use strong face washes. I decided to go the gentle route and it's been slowly, but steadily helping my skin issues better than those strong acne cleansers. You should also always have a skin care routine even if you don't have acne, your face is like the rest of your body & should be cleaned each day. Moisturizer is key, I just use a gentle Cetaphil one. I really love Clinique's moisturizers. I use Shea Moisture's African Black Soap. Very gentle and leaves my face feeling clean without the tightness I feel from most cleansers. I've heard good things about Soap & Glory face cleansers, I want to give those a try next.

    I'm also a huge fan of Lush products. Their face masks are my life and they have a natural face cleanser for everyone, but kinda pricey.

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