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Thread: Productive Like A BOSS

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    Productive Like A BOSS

    It's entirely possible this will all collapse in a heap later today, but so far this is the single most productive day I've had since the babies arrived. I'm so damn proud.

    So far, I have

    - Dispatched Child One to school. He started the new year last week.
    - Dispatched Child Two to kindergarten. HE started school at all last week, and is still trying to decide if he likes it.
    - Dealt with the Stupidest Dog. He's had his walk, conveniently while herding the kids to school.
    - Got the twins to sleep! At the same time!
    - Put a load of washing on

    And now, I'm going to sharpen all my kitchen knives. I haven't USED them very much in the last month, but I'm particular about my tools, and it's almost meditative for me.


    What productive shit have you all done today?
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    I managed to take a shower and get to the shopette for more DayQuil. That's about the most productive I've been in four days.

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