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Thread: Boooreedddd!

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    Friday, off work, and -2 outside. Thought today was going to be a great day to lay around in pjs, watch some Grimm and do nothing... but it's so boring!!! What are you all up to today?
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    lol You're funny! It's very cold here too and my son has been a crazy mad man today! I thought it was going to be a relaxing Friday as well, but not today! My son just recently started walking a little and found out how to escape his crib so that has been interesting. He literally climbs anything he can and never stops going!
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    It's cold here today as well. I think our HIGH temp will be 12 degrees. Not much happening today but I do need run a few errands. I can see me wearing 2 pairs of wool sox when I do leave the house. I have the feet of an 80 year old man! Lol
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    It's so cold here and I'm killing time at work. Two weeks before my last day (woooo!) and there's not shit to do.
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    I can def agree! I'm so bored today! It's cold and snowy here so here in NC nothing is opened... so my kid and I are bored. He's been playing with his toys ... we might watch a movie in a bit but that's about it! lol.

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