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Thread: What did I eat?!

  1. The name says it all!
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    The name says it all!
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    What did I eat?!

    I dreamed I was being eaten by an alligator last night. Anyone else having weird dreams lately?

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    I don't know if you'd consider this a weird dream, but to me it was.

    So I'm driving down this one way street, but it's two lanes going through a tunnel. In front of me was a garbage truck, I move from the right lane to the left to go around. As I am doing that another garbage truck is coming towards me, wrong way down a one lane road. I try to avoid an accident but I ended up hitting the garbage trucks bumper. So we make it out of the tunnel and pull over into a parking lot. Turns out it was my friend(who doesn't even drive a garbage truck, he does mechanic/construction work) He's mad. Not because the accident was his fault, but because he customized the garbage truck and the customization was messed up.

    It was strange, but I told him and we had a good laugh
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    I don't recall my recent dreams but once I did have a dream that I was trapped in a GIANT room that was full of stairs, like the famous Escher piece. Didn't matter how many stairs I climbed, I couldn't get out of this room.

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    Yes! I think mine is due to the pregnancy hormones though.
    I've had some really weird ones lately.
    For two nights in a row I dreamt I gave birth to kittens. It was totally weird and I woke up so confused. I was even wearing them in a Tula carrier afterwards.

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