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Thread: S/O Best Gift You've Ever GIVEN

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    S/O Best Gift You've Ever GIVEN

    S/O of "The best gift you've ever received"

    What is the best gift you have ever given someone else?

    I am usually a terrible gift giver (think gift cards for everything) and I have always envied people that think of super creative gifts that are just perfect for the receiver. The past couple years I have really outdone my usual gift card giving self and come up with some great gifts. This year though, I bought my mom a wireless router, iPad mini, and case She's pretty far away from us since we moved, and now she'll be able to FaceTime with DD since she probably won't be visiting as much. She JUST got away from dial-up internet a few years ago, and can barely plug up her TV when the cable box has to get disconnected for whatever reason So when I go visit for Thanksgiving I'm going to surprise her with an early Christmas present and get everything set up for her! I'm so excited!

    So let's hear you best gifts given!!
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    Absolutely no idea.
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    DF loved the salute to service jersey I got for him with his favorite team... He was so happy, he took a pic with a huge grin and sent it to me. and then he sent it to all of his family too. :p Based on his reaction, I suppose that is the best gift I got for him so far.
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    I am a hugeee gift giver!! I try to go out of my way to really make people smile.

    Id say its a toss up between:

    A tv for db 2 christmas' ago
    xbox one for db last year (both he was completely stunned for the shock value is what I go for)

    Or the wolfgang puck pressure over I bought for my cousin last year. He sounded like the pillsbury doughboy when he opened it!
    "She knew she loved him when 'home' went from being a place to being a person."
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    I hunted down all the original midi tracks and orchestral arrangements from Final Fantasy VII and made DH a CD. At the time, that was quite a feat. Basically the nerd version of a mixtape. He was very, very sick as a child, and that game was his escape from constant pain. He says the moment he turned the CD on and realized what it was, was the moment he knew he loved me.

    And once I gave my parents Snuggies with their college football team logo. It was intended as a total gag gift but ended up being the gift of the decade somehow.
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    Best I ever gave was to my ex husband, he is a HUGE UFC fan, as well as a amateur fighter, so I went to a bout in Canada when he was deployed, and saw Georges St.Pierre and I had meet and greet tickets as well as back stage passes, well after the fight when we met back stage I asked Pierre for an autograph... well I did not have anything for him to sign, I told him my husband was deployed and he was his favorite fighter, he then gave me his signed pair of gloves and his shorts from his fight that night!! I had them shadow box framed and hanging on our wall waiting for him when he came back from deployment. He aid it was by far the best gift he had ever received!

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    DH loves the watch I gave him for his birthday. My favorite gift I gave him is our second dog (the dog loves me more ).
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    4 birthdays ago I got DH an autographed Tim Tebow football. For his birthday last year, I scheduled our gender reveal ultrasound on his birthday.
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    A few years ago, me and my BIL (he was just my sister's DB then) got my sister Patriot's tickets. She's a diehard fan but had never been to a game before because they're so freaking expensive. The tix hadn't shipped yet by her birthday, so I bought a bunch of Pat's goodies and threw them in a box and wrapped that, and had a printout that said she'd be getting 2 tickets. She loved it so much she cried!

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    We gave DH's grandma her first great grandchild.

    DH's grandma had convinced herself that she would never live long enough to meet her great grandchildren. Last year we framed a picture of our ultrasound and gave it to her on Christmas morning in front of all of DH's extended family. Needless to say she broke down sobbing and it was the only thing she talked about for months.

    My dad, sister, and I went in together and got my mom a personal image consultant/stylist. We went through her closet and threw out all of her clothes and make up and she got a total makeover and then her consultant took her out to buy a completely new wardrobe of clothing and accessories. Now she always looks way more fashionable than me!
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