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Thread: What do you/your SO want for Christmas?

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    What do you/your SO want for Christmas?

    I have no idea what I want for Christmas this year. We've got a baby coming in June, so that's where my brain is at and usually if I want something...I buy it!

    I know DH wants the new PS4 & Fallout game, but I don't think he will wait until Christmas to get it! He also wants an AR rifle. He's wanted one ever since he came home from deployment!

    What about you? What's on your list or your SO's list? I NEED IDEAS!
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    I want money because I'm sick of being a poor grad student

    I'm getting DB some cold weather running stuff, since he's moving to Boston next week he's in for a huge shock when he tries to run outside It's still in the 70s and 80s here this week, I'm not sure he has any gloves or anything practical! I'm probably also going to send him some local coffee and whatever else I can fit into the package.
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    I second the wish for money! I'd love to knock out my debts (they're relatively small but I HAAAATE being in debt). I also really need to get a couch in my new place!

    DB is one of those "I buy what I need/want" types who doesn't really ask for much for Christmas. He's just like my dad in that way. Plus he already bought Fallout 4 so that idea's a bust. I might gift him a massage package. He's constantly sore and I work on him as well as I can, but he could benefit from professional therapy.
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    I'm the same way - normally if I want something, I will just buy it. I did come up with 3 small things I want this year though -

    - Subscription to Foot Cardigan - they send you ridiculous socks every month
    - A book I've been wanting
    - Phone case since I just bought a new phone yesterday

    Other than that, I just always want/need money for traveling or random other things I want throughout the year. No SO this year, so no one to buy presents for other than my family!

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    I just had a pay cut at work and insurance rates go up so we're running a little tight this holiday season

    We'll probably just concentrate on DD for Christmas but I may try to get DH a cheap-ish drone or something because he's been saying he wants one to play around with.

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    I don't really have anything I want other than clothes but I'm getting my DH The Witcher books since he LOVES the game.

    ETA we're trying to save up for the move so I don't want either one of us to spend too much
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    I've asked for a steam mop to clean my hardwood floors. I'm such an adult now. I'm either getting DH Weathertec mats for his truck and an air compressor or this redoculously expensive fishing reel. And we are not doing much for DS since my in-laws have already gone overboard we got him a personalized duck call when we went to Bass Pro in Memphis when I was still pregnant but that's likely all we are going to do this year for him.
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    I want a new crafting desk. I have no idea what DG wants because she just got extra pay from her PCS and bought everything she'd been talking about.

    Honestly both of us just want for me to be in Vegas for Christmas.
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    Just to spend time together!
    "She knew she loved him when 'home' went from being a place to being a person."
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    I just want my DB with me! I'm definitely going to get us a couples massage as well. When he's back on dry land, we'll talk more about if we want to exchange anything else, but I'm leaning towards not. I also just buy whatever I want when I want it anyways, so there's nothing I want either.
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