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Thread: Friday Eve!

  1. The name says it all!
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    The name says it all!
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    Friday Eve!

    Dd has been up since 1:30 this morning, but that's only because she fell asleep at 2 yesterday afternoon. I've done the dishes and I'm about to start a load of laundry after I make dd a potato. I'm fairly certain she's going through a growth spurt since she has eaten 4 chicken nuggets, half my sandwich, and two cups of yogurt in the 4 hours she's been up.

    We don't have any plans, really. I think dh is going to work this weekend, so it'll just be the kids and myself. Fun fun fun.

    Any plans?
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  2. Wine-o
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    Today and tomorrow is just doing the work thang. Date Friday night. Saturday, I have to run some errands. But then Saturday afternoon, AshleyO is staying with me through next week! MSOS PARTAY!

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    How does your daughter go to school on such little sleep? Y'all need a weekend of just sleep!

    Our weekend is busy. The kids, dogs, and I leave this afternoon to head to South Carolina. Dh will follow up when he gets off work. He has training with his whole RS tomorrow and has awards tomorrow night. Saturday is more training, then the Marine Corps ball. We are lucky that it's in Hilton Head, so the kids and dogs can stay with my best friend in Beaufort.
  4. we were all rooting for you
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    we were all rooting for you
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    Class and work today but then the fun starts! I am going to see John Hodgman on Saturday night with DB and I'm pretty excited for that. Plus, I get to sleep in tomorrow!
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    Blegh, nannying all weekend. 4mo still won't sleep through the night. 10 y/o gets so bored at home with me and 4mo ): Poor thing. BUT! When I go over tonight their mom will still be home and she's going to put me on her Southwest Airlines buddy pass system. Freeeee flights on standby for a year!!
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    Tomorrow Wyatt has a party at school then in the evening we're getting family pictures done. Saturday is the base's Trunk or Treat so the boys get to trick or treat for the third weekend in a row and Sunday is DH's birthday and we're going to an air show. This month has been so crazy busy and then adding Margaux into the mix...
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    I don't have any plans for this weekend, and I'm really excited about it! I am going to deep clean my apartment. I hate cleaning, but a freshly cleaned home makes me soo happy.

    I hope you all can catch up on sleep soon!!
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    It's almost Friday here.
    No huge plans here. Tomorrow after DH is off work we will probably go down to the beach for a little. Saturday we are going horseback riding at a local stable, and are going to do the beach ride. I'm so flipping excited to finally be on a horse after a few weeks of not getting to ride. After that we will probably hangout at the beach. Then later that night we are going bowling with some of his work buddies. Sunday is usually our lazy day. Church, then we will probably take our dog to the beach. We really like the beaches here.

    I hope you get some rest.
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    Ugh work today and tomorrow then DD has a softball double header Saturday morning. DH is off all weekend so after softball we'll be decorating the house and yard for Halloween and carving pumpkins!

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    Depending on the weather on Sat. I might bring my dog to the pet halloween contest and parade.

    On sunday just church and catch up on school work.
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