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Thread: Name Change (Blog)

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    Name Change (Blog)

    Now that I am no longer a "future Airman", I need to change the title of my blog. And get back to writing posts. Especially now that I have my camera here and can take it into class/the lab and take pictures of what I'm up to. I'd like to keep "Indiana Jane" but I'm currently too lazy to think up something else in place of the "future Airman" part.

    One of these days I need to sit down and write about my bmt experience. It's not nearly as fresh in my mind but the longer I wait, the less I will likely remember. Anything anyone would like to know? Or suggestions for my blog since I'm not in the process of enlisting and can explore a wider range of topics on there if I wanted. This is the first blog I've kept running as long as I have with as many posts as I have on there.

    Anyone else use wordpress? I'd like more people to actually be able to interact on there with, as well.
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    No, but I keep thinking about starting my own blog and putting it off. How does wordpress work for you? I don't have any good ideas for "Future Airman" yet. I keep thinking of really cheesy sounding phrases. for being done with BMT!
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    It's been so long since you've been here. I have no input to any of your questions but i luv u.

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