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Thread: Nexplanon Dreams

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    Nexplanon Dreams

    Yesterday I got my implanon replaced with a nexplanon. And I think the slight shift in hormones gave me really weird dreams last night.

    I dreamt that DH and I were having a kid (like, at a birthing center in labor), and we realized that we forgot to tell our families we were having a baby
    Not sure how it ended, cause my alarm went off. But when I told DH he said that birth control probably shouldn't give you dreams about having kids....

    These last two years until I get to shore duty are going to be long

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    I'm following this! I am supposed to get nexplanon in any time now. I'll let you know if I have the same symptom!
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    Weird! I haven't had any strange dreams since I had mine implanted well over a year ago. I went straight to the nexplanon, no implanon implant before I got it. I thought the hormones are supposed to be the exact same? Maybe it's just that it is a brand new stick and is super potent
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    The nexplanon doesn't have different hormones to my knowledge. The only difference was the inserter used. I've had a nexplanon for two years (and implanon before). I do get weird dreams sometimes but I haven't associated with them, I'm on 20 other meds so who knows what causes them for me

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