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Thread: s/o Christmas Stockings

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    s/o Christmas Stockings

    So whatcha putting in stockings this year?

    I have been doing brain puzzles/teasers and snacks. I will probably go with a new water bottle, travel mug, lunch box, and snacks.
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    on this thread for sure. I need more little stocking stuffer presents for DB.
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    I never know what to put in stockings so I'll be this thread.

    I Eelizah
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    I LOVE doing stockings!! We always open ours after breakfast, so they're kind of the last hurrah as far as gifts go.
    DD is getting socks, shoes, new pacis, and hairbows in hers!
    DS is getting small Christmas toys, PlayDoh, a little book, new markers, and too much candy in his!
    Bear (our dog) is getting new bones, a new blanket for his kennel, and doggie beef jerky treats.
    Pepper (the cat) is getting cat nip, a cat teaser, and kitty treats in hers.
    I haven't fully decided what all to put in DF's stocking, but I do know I'm going to wrap each item and put a hint on it as to what it is. My parents always did that for each other, and I thought it was really cute!!
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    I'm only doing one for DD but I'm putting a couple of little jewely making kits (small) that are Monster High Themed and a decorate your own purse thing, also Monster High. I got a big thing of bath fizzies and I think I'm going to get some chapsticks (the assorted fun flavor ones) and maybe a candy cane with some sort of candy in it.

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    Every year we all get toothbrushes and an orange. This year I think I will make DH's orange one of those Chocolate ones. He loves them but I haven't been able to find them for a few years over seas. I also always put Jerky and DH's favorite soda in his. DD gets bubble bath and bandaids. She loves bandaids she's a tad weird I also bought some crayons for DD and a big net for all her stuffed animals that are taking over her bed. I'm debating on making one for DS even though he's not born yet I just really love shopping and Christmas So I'll probably buy some binkies and gas drops or something small for him.
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    The kids are getting:
    food flavored chapsticks
    funky socks
    hand sanitizer minis
    small notebooks
    hot wheels (Kason)
    wooden trains (Kason)
    magi clip princesses (Kaia)
    fun soaps
    1 candy each from me and 1 from my mom
    Duct tape (older 2)

    The hubby is getting:
    golf tees
    golf balls

    I am getting (that I know of):
    a brownie skillet
    car clips
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    We normally do Christmas at my Grandma's house so she handles the stockings. We always get a flashlight (I have SO many! ), a tire pressure gauge (we get that about every couple of years ), a small box of chocolates, sometimes an iTunes giftcard, and sometimes an envelope with some money in it. I love getting flashlights every year, I have come to look forward to it.
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    I love doing stockings, though they usually aren't anything exciting. As I look at my list, I realize I have turned into my Nana.

    The girls are getting lip gloss, bandaids for Emery (she's a weirdo too ), body washes, new toothbrushes, panties, watches, lotions, and gift cards.

    My son is getting new razors, new ear buds, gift cards, iTunes, a new wallet, a new knife, and boxers.

    DH's will have boxer briefs, new knife, some new Dremel attachments, gift cards, cologne and aftershave, tea tree shampoo, and body wash.
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    I usually fill them about halfway with various sizes of bouncy balls. They love it. Crazy Christmas socks, pens, stickers, temp tattoos, candy... just cheap junk really but it's their favorite thing!
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