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Thread: Norwex?

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    What do you think of it? Have you heard of it?

    I'll never, ever sell it, so the company doesn't matter much to me. I'm just curious about the product and if you think it works or not. I've never been to a party but I just keep hearing everyone talk about it. I'm not sure if it's similar to the whole 'DoTerra cures the world' line of marketing or if it's legit.
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    Never heard of it.
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    It's cleaning products. Microfiber cloths, dryer balls ect. I used to sell it. Not sure if my website is still active or not but here is a link.
    I suck at selling things lol. I do like the cloths and the mop.
    Shop Norwex Products Online - Norwex
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    I don't sell it - but a work friend does. I LOVE the toilet brush, I'd give it as gifts if that wasn't weird, lol. I like the dish detergent too.

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