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Thread: after actions reports on Halloween parties

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    after actions reports on Halloween parties

    I and a friend of mine went to one put on by a couple I know that live in an older house out in the country. It was so cold and rainy at times most of the outdoor stuff couldn't happen. They had the wood covered for the bonfire though and they were able to light between periods rain. There was a hog roast, and a lot of the side dishes looked like traditional halloween related stuff (the food looked creepy but wasn't) There was also some alcohol involved. I didn't drink any though because I was the designated driver for the people who actually went home before morning. I brought some bat wings (actually chicken) that didn't turn out as spicy as what I had hoped but people liked them anyway. There were various active props in the house, halloween music played for awhile, until the hard rock took over. My friend hooked up with someone. but some others did too. It was a wild and crazy time. Any rumors of a human sacrifice are totally not true As far as anything else I plead the fifth. The only thing that would've made it better for me would've been having DB there.

    Anybody go to any interesting or entertaining Halloween parties?
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    We went to a friend's house for a soup/chili/bread party and there were like a zillion kids running around, and then we took them all trick-or-treating in a giant mob. The best part was my little girl getting beside herself with joy at every single door because they gave her candy. Like, couldn't even stand up straight, grinning with her whole body, squealing with laughter happy. It was hilarious. And then my son and his buddy put on giant blow-up boxing gloves and wrestled each other and their dads in the living room while we all cheered them on like they were in a professional ring.

    Yeah, total party animals here.
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    We went bar hopping but the most fun part was DH's costume - he went as Indiana Jones and he bought an actual bullwhip from a farm supply store. So we all went crazy playing with it all night. Making it crack is harder than it looks! And a ton of people whipped themselves on accident which was really funny! (No serious injuries, mostly welts and I think one guy had a minor cut on his arm).

    I'm actually surprised we didn't get asked to leave for playing with it at the bar. If I ran the bar I would've kicked us out.
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    The only thing I've done for Halloween before was hit up clubs (on the years that we decide to go). This year was much better, just very chill and nothing wild. I met up with a friend and visited this house that annually sets up their house for it. It apparently takes them 3 days to do it. It's pretty crazy and very cool to walk through. After that, we walked around downtown, had some Chinese food and headed back. It was nice seeing people dress up and act out during Halloween. It was cold and raining through out the night, but a good jacket allowed me to enjoy my time hehe.

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