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Thread: Anyone have a roomba?

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    Anyone have a roomba?

    DH went to Costco today and we finally got ... a Roomba!

    It has to charge all day before we can use it. But I'm excited! Two dogs + hardwood floors = SO much hair/dust/dirt. We got the pet version so hopefully it is up to the task.

    Who else has Roombas? Are they pretty easy to maintain and all? Worth the extra expense?
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    I just asked my husband for one for Christmas. I need one so bad! I told him it will make me a happy wife, lol.
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    Omg, yes! I have one and I love it! I believe we have the 770 model. Our house is 2500 sq ft and there's no way I can vacuum that all by myself weekly with 2 little kids. I use my little hand vac for kiddo crumbs, the big upright one for all the major traffic areas as needed and then we run the Roomba at night. We vary how often we run it. You definitely can't count on it to be your #1 vacuum because it's just not made to do heavy duty work, but it's great for doing a final go over and I love waking up to a freshly vacuumed house! Make sure to clean the brush frequently. My hubby does that part, so I can't comment on how hard/easy it is.

    Edit: You'll still need to get in the nooks and crannies with a regular vacuum with an extension hose, but it's definitely nice for "maintenance" vacuuming.
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    I want one waaaah

    My grandparents used to have one and they didn't like it much but honestly I think they expected too much from it. Like I'm pretty sure they're not designed to be the main vacuum
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    They are the best! Had one when I was still living with my parents. Although it is possible that I stashed my special time item under my bed once thinking it was a safe place to hide it from my parents.... Roomba found it and dragged it all over the living room
    DH and I will definitely be getting one when we're back in the states and on 110v again (they're not dual voltage )
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    We have one but it gets confused on our rug and Aria likes to press the button on it so its constantly returning to base, so its just sitting in a closet now.
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    My mom has one. She loves it like it's her fifth child.
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    YES! It is amazing!
    DH got me one last year. And I love it. I come home from work everyday and my bedroom is freshly vacuumed. And then on weekends I'll take it down to the (hardwood floor) living room. And it takes less than a minute to empty it (with a heavy shedder, I empty it about every other day)

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    I want one for when we get our own place! I would just have to worry about the dog and it, she's not a fan of the vaccuum, but I have no doubt I could work around it.
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    my mom had one. i guess she liked it
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