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Thread: How long is your commute?

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    How long is your commute?

    If you work, how long is your commute to work? If you go to school, how long is your commute to school?

    My drive to school takes about 20-30 minutes, depending on traffic.
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    Well my schedule just changed as of this morning and my morning commute was 70 minutes That is not okay so I may be changing my schedule back next week. Before this it was about 30 min to work (including walking after parking) and about 45-50 going home.
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    7 minutes. I loooove it.
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    I drive 120 miles round trip every day and my drive to work takes about an hour and 20 minutes because it's so early and there's virtually no traffic but the drive home usually takes about 10-15 mins longer!

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    It varies but a lot of my customers actually live in our subdivision so a lot of times 5 minutes or less!
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    6000 miles apart
    For work, about an hour and 10 minutes. For school, 15 minutes.
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    It's about 15-20 minutes to my volunteer job. When I last had a real job, it was about 15 minutes. I hate wasting time driving, and I think most people grossly underestimate the cost of a commute, so it's important to DH and I to live close to work.
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    Depends. Right now I'm just at a small nonprofit that's a 10 minute drive from my house. But once the fall starts up and I'm back working at the school my morning commute will be about 20 minutes with traffic, and then another 20 minutes at noon as I head over to the nonprofit again.
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    My commute to school is about 45-60 minutes depending on traffic (one way). I'm going to be coming home during rush hour though this semester, so I'm expecting it to be a lot longer. I hate driving, but I love coming home to our little oasis in the country. It really feels like the best of both worlds to be able to have access to a big city and a good university and then drive away from it all and leave the city behind. There's horses and goats and farm fields all over, and I come home to a pool, palm trees and cleaner air.

    We were thinking about me getting a new car, but we're actually waiting now until I graduate cause my car is great on gas mileage and the new one wouldn't be.

    And that was an overshare because I've been worried to see how my rush over drive turns out and if I'll survive!
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    About 10 minutes, if I ride my scooter its a closer walk from where I park, if I drive the Jeep the walk is longer but the drive is faster.
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