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Thread: What's everybody doing today?

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    What's everybody doing today?

    I'm having THE BEST day so far! Idk if anybody will remember but I posted a bunker thread forever ago about my teenage brother and his girlfriend having a baby and I was super pissed about it. WELL he was born last night, he is so freaking cute, everybody is excited, I booked a plane ticket so I can go visit in a few weeks, I can't even contain myself.

    One of my husband's friends from his old unit in Hawaii just unfortunately got stationed here, so we're having him over tonight to grill and hang out. And I have a four day weekend so I think tomorrow I'm gonna have some of my friends over to get white girl wasted.

    I'm in such a good mood!! What is everyone else up to?
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    at work now then MAC makeup shopping later with some friends.
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    I'm at work. Today is okay. It's the LAST day before our research study kicks off so everyone is panicking about having everything ready in time. But my part is ready, so I can just chill til Monday when it all starts

    DH and I are going out to dinner tonight. His shift on Fridays is slow so they don't care if he takes a long dinner break so we're gonna meet at a restaurant.
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    I'm the opposite of you lol. I woke up at 7 on my day off to DH saying because of his day off last week we're broke. Then I slept in more and woke up to get my errands started to find that my keys are totally missing. Finally after 2 hours I see them inside my truck so now I'm waiting on my mom to come break into my truck so I can have my keys. Hopefully it gets better from here.
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    Meh called off today, I had a migraine I worked through for 2 days but today I just had no focus when I woke up, which isn't unusual for me today when I have one that last that long. Hoping when DB gets home from work to talk him into dinner I want Golden Corral really bad, cause I want literally all types of food right now
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    Going to work soon then seeing DB and friends tonight. Today should be a god one!
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    I'm trying to manage some illness stuff and maintain composure...

    Other than that I'm really happy. I'm on my 10 days of Summer break and just found out this morning that I got an A in my last class So I'm like happy with short spikes of rage.

    Planning to swim a bit, play with my puppermuffins, hot tub or bath, eat lots of good food (we went grocery shopping yesterday ) and...try not to lose my mind.
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    Ugh I'm a Debbie downer today. Stupid bullshit happened last night with our friend and I'm still trying to wade through those emotions and Rob left for an underway today and I hate everything. I'm forcing my children to nap atm so I can just be alone.
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    I've had just an amazing 2 days. DH came home wednesday and we also bought a new car. Thursday we went to The American Comedy Co. downtown san diego and had just an amazing time. After that we went and walked on the beach in Coronado. Today we had a lazy start. I have to work at 3 and DH had a tee-time at 2, so we went to Sports Authority to get him a new set of gloves and came back home. I'm getting ready for work now.
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    Went to base to pick up a prescription...their system was I have to wait until Monday. Then went to work so some coworkers could meet Scarlett...she slept the entire time we were out! Now it's time to enjoy mommy-daughter nap time on the couch!
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