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Thread: A Room For Rent

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    Giggle A Room For Rent

    It appears a Marine has put his barracks room at Camp Lejeune up for rent on Craigslist.

    The ad was posted last week, and is written with a lot of tongue-in-cheek details.

    It says the one bedroom/one bath apartment is "located in a gated community with 24-hour private security." It says weekly cleaning of the room is required, and courtesy wake up service is included at 5:30 a.m.

    Among the amenities is that it is close to work, Onslow Beach is less than 15 minutes away, and it is an active community with running trails "and motivation specialists to encourage you along your way."

    Restrictions listed include no pets, no drugs, no overnight visitors, and no arguing with the security service or wake up service.

    The 225 square foot apartment goes for $1,000 a month and is available August 1st.

    CRAIGSLIST: Camp Lejeune Barracks Room For Rent In 'Gated Community'

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