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Thread: Your seceret Hunger Games survival tactics

  1. I like my beats fast and my bass down low
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    I like my beats fast and my bass down low
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    I suck at running long distances, but with the right motivation I'm thinking that'd be different I'm pretty competitive (read - I hate losing), am more than half decent at fighting and if necessary, would have no problem taking people out (DH, friends and I have had several conversations about a Zombie apocalypse, end of world survival, etc. ). I think that while I may not win, I would definitely be one of the last to be taken down.
  2. Miss Suit&Tie
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    Miss Suit&Tie
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    Realistically the only way I'm surviving is by loading up on a bunch of berries and shit naybe make some wine and then hibernating in some cave or tree till it was over.
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    I'd sneak away, try to be concealed and quiet, and try to take people out one by one. My hand to hand combat would suck but I have amazing tenacity to never give up
    The greatest pleasure in life is doing what others say you cannot do!
  4. Love never fails. ♥
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    Love never fails. ♥
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    I think I'd do okay. I can run, not that fast, but I can run. I can climb trees pretty okay. I'd probably die because I'm clumsy and I'd trip and fall and break my leg or something and then die because I can't get anywhere anymore.

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    I have good outdoor survival skills, but I'm shit at defending myself. I don't think a career would have any trouble killing me off.
  6. Lime breakfast foot
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    I would kill myself by stepping off my little circle before the countdown finished. I would rather be blown up than slowly bleed or starve to death.
  7. cuz i'm wonderful
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    cuz i'm wonderful
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    I'd bolt. I'm fast. I'm a pretty decent fighter when it comes to hand to hand, and my dad taught me some pretty brutal tricks, so I'd maybe do alright. I'd fight like hell, that's for sure. Terrified, but fighting.
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    I'd die. Pretty much immediately. I'd be the character no one remembers because they got killed before getting anywhere remotely close to the cornucopia.
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