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Thread: Do you still talk to people from high school?

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    Do you still talk to people from high school?

    I have a really good friend from high school, known him since I was a freshman (like 7 years ago ). We were all a big group of friends, I dated his best friend, yet somehow we remained friends. And then I realized he's just about the only person I still talk to. There's a few people here and there on my facebook, but we don't really talk. I thought it was kind of weird, especially considering I'm not that far removed from high school, it's only been like 3 years

    I guess college will do that to you. So do you still talk to people from HS?

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    I've been out for almost six years now and I only occasionally talk to a couple people. Haven't seen any of them in a long time. Funny enough, though, one person I talk to all the time still is a friend from middle school who I haven't seen in about ten years since my family moved down south. Really looking forward to seeing her when we visit the east coast in the winter!
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    I still talk to my 3 best friends all the time and a couple other good friends every so often. However, although I've lost touch with a lot of people, if we're ever all home we end up hanging out at least once because we have mutual friends that we both talk to.
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    I sporadically talk to a few people. I had falling out with a lot of my friends during senior year and they can go suck eggs for all I care.

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    Yes. It's been 22 years, but I still talk to my friends. We don't get to talk too often because life is busy for all of us, and some of us are spread out across several states... but we do still talk. Thanks to Facebook we get to watch each other's kids grow up too, so that's a lot of fun.
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    Yup, all my good friends. My group of like 8 girls and then a spattering of guys. They are all coming to my wedding, my MOH is my bestie from 2nd grade, we still crash on each others couches when we get too drunk at the bars in the city or meet up for dinner. I love my hs friends and its been 8 years since we graduated.
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    Yep, still talk to my good friends from high school and we hang out a lot.
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    My husband and one of my closest friends (she's actually a junior high friend) are from high school. Other than that, there are a handful of high school people on my Facebook list, but that's really the only contact we have.

    I could see trying to gather my old group and have a reunion someday though, but since we are pretty spread out, I don't know if it would ever happen. But I'd definitely go if it did, assuming the logistics work. I'm long (very, very long) out of high school and the nostalgia of it would be fun. Most of my closest high school friends were either a year older or younger than me, so these aren't people I'd get to see at the official reunion, if I attended.
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    I'm still close friends with a handful of folks from high school. I was a band nerd so a lot of friendships were formed there, and while I don't talk with them regularly, we're Facebook friends and catch up when we run into each other back home.
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    My MOH is my friend from high school (although she was also my college roommate). Other than that, I don't really talk to anyone else. My parents divorced and moved out of the town, so I never had reason to go back there.
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