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Thread: I am happy for my big brother (sappy post ahead)

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    Love I am happy for my big brother (sappy post ahead)

    Despite everything that he has been through this past week things are looking up. My dad and my nephew drove in from Arkansas to help them sort through debris and salvage what was still intact. My nephew stepped on a nail and had to be taken to get a tetanus shot. They went to a mobile clinic set up at the church. This girl walked up to my brother and asked if he recognized her. He apologized and said no. She told him that she was one of the first people who responded and had helped pull him from the rubble that day. He broke down and started thanking her. She got to talking to my dad and said she is a CNA who is only 17. She is going to join the Army and be a flight medic when she graduates. She said it is very rare to just cross paths with someone after you rescue them like that. Then this morning at church he met a young lady whose dad used to be the quarterback for his favorite football team. He was super excited about that. They are setting them up with some services to help get back on his feet. I was worried about him because he has a lot of anxiety, but he is really pulling through. I am very proud of him.
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    I'm glad to hear he is doing well in the aftermath of what happened. How very cool that he got to meet one of his rescuers and the that he met the young lady whose dad was a quarterback. Hopefully coming through this will continue to give him confidence and less anxiety. TAKEN AT NISQUALLY WILDLIFE PRESERVE

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