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Thread: Do you flush...

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    Do you flush...

    public toilets? Like toilets you didn't use but it needs to be flushed?

    At work we have two toilets in the employee restroom that lack water pressure and if you press the handle any less than three times the toilet paper wont even make it down. I swear, usually, I feel like I am the only person that is not too lazy to flush the dang toilet. It can be pretty frustrating, especially if someone dropped the kids off at the pool, if you know what I mean....Everyone knows this toilet is like this. Everyone knows you can't just flush that toilet once and leave. This has been going on since at least I started here back in September. Engineering is aware of it but, since we are undergoing a 20 million dollar renovation, they have bigger and better things to worry about.

    So if you are in Target, you go to the restroom, and the toilet was not flushed (or it was, just not good enough) do you walk on by to the next stall or flush that one and use it?

    I'll admit, I'm not the greatest about doing it anywhere else. At Target, I would probably use a different stall if there was one available. I kinda feel like a crappy person saying that
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    I'd go to a different stall...that is just nasty.
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    It depends how bad it is.
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    I'd move on

    Public restrooms on a whole are kinda nasty to me...I'm the type to layer the toilet with the protective seat covers (or toilet paper - only once if I'm fairly comfortable with the cleanliness) and will still "hover" most times while using the facilities. I flush toilets with my foot, or with toilet paper if it's a push one that I just can't get with my foot I turn off the faucets with paper towels and open the doors with either my foot, hip or paper towel. Bathrooms are nasty!
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    Nope I'll just go to a different one.
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    I guess it depends on how badly I have to go...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amanduh View Post
    I'd go to a different stall...that is just nasty.
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    I go to a different one. Just grosses me out so much
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    Uh, no. If I use it I flush it, that's all.

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    No, I'd use a different one. Unless there wasn't another one, and I'd really have to go BAD.
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