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Thread: S/O Native Americans

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    S/O Native Americans

    The other thread asking about if anyone was Native American got me thinking. Do you know a lot about where your ancestors are from?

    For me, I know mostly where my mom's side is from. Native American (no idea what specifically though), Irish, Scottish, Swedish, mostly. But for my dad's side I have NO idea. I'm not sure if he even knows lol. I ask him and he just says African, which I guess is possible but I'm like 98% sure he's just being a smart-alec.
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    I recently started building a family tree to give to my kids. I got a lot done but very little. I know I have traced my side so far to mostly be from England or Ireland and all mostly settling in PA.
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    Basically everything except for the Black side, which is almost hilarious because that's the box I check
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    I know my great great grandmother was Native American. Other than that French and Irish. Mainly French though.
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    Mom's side is Irish & Polish. Dad's side is Irish & Russian. I used to know a lot of info because we had a large book with hundreds of pages with information on everyone but when we gave it to my Great Grandma to look through, it got stolen by my Uncle (looooong story - we don't talk to my dad's side anymore.)

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    Well my great grandfather on my dad's side was Carib (that's an indigenous peoples to the Caribbean kind of like Native American) and my great grandfather on my mom's side was Scottish I believe. Everyone else as far as we know is African or mostly African
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    Me, not much. My mom's side is supposeduly Danish but my dad is not my biological father so I have not one clue there.

    I know more about DH, his mom's side came over from Greece in the 20s. He is either the 2nd or 3rd generation born here....I haven't figured out yet if his grandpa was born here or was right around his birth so not sure. He is 100% Greek on his mom's side.
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    I am Irish and German on my Dad's side and full Irish on my mothers.
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    My mom was born in Italy and came over when she was 9. My dad was born in Ireland and came to Canada when he was 12.
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    My mom's side is Scottish, English, German, & French.

    My Dad's 100% Italian (he's Sicilian and Calabrese). My Grandma was born in Sicily and my Grandpa was born in Calabria.

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