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Thread: Anonymity??

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    If you blog, do you change the names of people involved, use nicknames, or even go by a pen name to keep your personal life personal?

    The episode on the Big Bang got me to thinking about this.
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    I use nicknames on my blog.
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    Nope. But if I was blogging about personal stuff I would keep it private.

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    I don't blog, but on here I use first names unless it's really unique.
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    Nope. But I blog about things like family activities and recipes, not really my personal life.

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    I dont blog. If I did I am not sure I would use different names. I wrote a mini story about my life and changed the names.
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    It could be worse.
    Blogging, everyone would have an alternate/nickname. Here, I just refer to them as my husband, my son or my daughter. I only use their real names on Facebook because I only am friends with people that I don't mind knowing that information, and there are increased privacy controls that aren't available on most of this site.
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    No. I did for awhile, but on e we started getting review products, and DH read it, and understood more, I stopped using nicknames.
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    Yup. I have a blog that I don't want traced back to me at all- I use nicknames in that, and try to keep all identifying information out of it.

    My personal blog about crafts, etc not so much- I use abbreviations, but that’s because I don’t want it showing up if you search our names. I don’t care who reads it, but I would rather it be found because people are interested in the things I write about, and not just because they want to check up on me/us.

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