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Thread: Curiousity : How much info do you share?

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    On here? Not much. He knows I come on but he doesn't ask and I don't tell unless I think it is something he'll find interesting. Usually it is the promotion lists that were released or news feeds. Once in awhile I may tell him about a debate.

    IRL, he only asks about a few friends. But that is because he is friends with their DH's so he is basically asking what they're up to. I only share if I think he'll find it interesting.
  2. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
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    If he asks or there's something that's interesting I might bring it up. Pretty much the same as with IRL conversations. If I tried to tell him everything about every conversation I had (IRL and online) I'd have to be gabbing at him 24/7 lol.
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    I don't bother to mention things from here, or if I do (i.e. new items, debates, relationship stuff), I don't mention they're from here.
  4. Come along with me, misery loves company.
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    Not a lot. I'm only really on here when he isn't home so he isn't asking what I'm laughing at or what this or that etc etc.

    Irl shit I tell him everything.
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    I answered the question as if asked in life general not specific to sos. But I talk to/tell DH almost everything.
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    DB doesn't know I'm on this site, he just knows I'm a member of some forum. I don't tell him about anything unless I see someone post about Navy stuff I'm curious about.
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    Only if something interesting comes up, I'll mention it.
    "You will never completely be at home again because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of knowing and loving people in more than one place."

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    It could be worse.
    I would share anything outside of staff stuff that he wanted to know, but he doesn't really care in general. I ask him questions sometimes if I think he'd have an answer that would be helpful from an active duty standpoint or if I think some misinformation is in a thread.

    He knows one person who's a member and he asks how she's doing, and we talk about friends that I have outside of MSOS. Once we PCS this summer and get settled I'm going to visit a friend from here and now he's wondering if I'm going to come home on a motorcycle.
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