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Thread: Thursday Night!

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    Thursday Night!


    Last night of these dang night shifts for DH. I'm trying to keep busy but I'm failing I should be washing the dishes I have soaking in the sink, I should be starting to pack up our apartment, I should be shaving my legs... ANNNNDDDD I'm on the couch watching tv hoping the internet magically gains my interest

    Who's up?
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    lolol I always have a huge list of things I should be doing too but then I get distracted by things that are more fun hehe. I think i have ADHD =p
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    Well, it's 9am in the morning here now, but I should be getting my lazy butt out of bed, going to the gym, and then going shopping for a new dress! I'm currently to cozy and warm to move though

    "You are platinum in a world gone grey."
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    I'm up! Should be sleeping but I'm up with some cramps. 5 am is boring when you don't wanna get out of bed and can't turn the tv on because DH is sleeping. Damn me for being up early the one day he doesn't have PT and can sleep in.

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