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Thread: Rainy days... or what you're doing today

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    Rainy days... or what you're doing today


    it's one of those rainy, cloudy Sunday mornings... and guess what... I like it! of course I like sunny weather as well... but there is just something wonderful about a rainy morning that makes you slow down and relax and ponder life I think i'll curl up with a good book a little later and just call this day officially unproductive and stay in my PJs... in the name of rain!

    DH is gone too so it's just a quiet house. I popped some popcorn and i'm sipping a Sprite and readying MSOS currently. I like having a day with no plans

    whatcha doing today?
  2. i miss my little boy so much :(
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    i miss my little boy so much :(
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    my husband and i are being lazy today...we are just watching movies haha
  3. BingBangBoom that's how babies are made
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    BingBangBoom that's how babies are made
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    It's rainy here too. I'm sick so I'll be doing jack shit.

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    i worked from 6am-12 and now i'm just relaxing
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    Rainy here! I'm at work... clearly not much 'work' going on here today
  6. No longer seeing where it goes, I'm in the driver's seat.
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    No longer seeing where it goes, I'm in the driver's seat.
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    DB is asleep, I'm thinking about going to wal-mart so I can get the stuff to make poke cake and a bike rack for my car, along with a few other things that I'll need to get it cleaned up and ready to ride again.
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    I wish is was rainy and I could l,ay around and do nothing, I am about to get ready for work then got pick up my rings I got them replated (I do it every 6 months since they are white gold) they will look sooooooo pretty!!!! then work 4 to 7:30 and getting sushi with a girlfriend

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  8. Luke 6:37 & Matthew 7:1-2
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    Luke 6:37 & Matthew 7:1-2
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    We are getting skipped on the rain, I swear though the rest of MN is getting rain.
    I am sick so just trying to make it to bedtime (6 hours 2 minutes). Hubs is at work until 10 pm tonight. Starting to plan our move and stuff.
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