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Thread: Is fighting productive for you and your SO?

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    Is fighting productive for you and your SO?

    For us, it is productive. We went through a phase where I would try to get DH mad so he would blurt out his thoughts and feelings. It's probably not healthy, but he is so anti-confrontation, it would take something huge to get him talking. Now, we've sort of settled into our own style of communication.

    ETA: For me, "fighting" is the heated exchange of thoughts/ideas/feelings, but does NOT include name calling, physical contact, or more extreme means to this end. Felt the need to toss that on.
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    It definitely is for us. We don't argue as much as we used to (or I just don't even notice it anymore), but we always end up feeling closer after working through and resolving our issues.
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    "Well, if there's a bright center to the universe, you're on the planet that it's farthest from."

    We don't fight. We've always been able to talk our problems out.
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    It does for us sometimes, there are some things we fight about that we just resolve after but they're are some things we argue about that just go unresolved because we're both too stubborn.

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    We've never fought but I doubt it would be useful. I'm extremely stubborn & have a really bad temper so all it would do is make it worse.

    We have disagreements but we talked them out calmly. Whether that's as soon as it happens or if I have to go into another room to cool down for a bit (again, I'm the ill-tempered one ), that seems to work for us.

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    No, not really. He tells me how he feels if I get him into serious mode but that is so freakin difficult sometimes. He does not like talking about his feelings but he'll tell me if he knows it's important to me.
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    I put other- sometimes we resolve things and feel closer because of it. Other times, we let things go unresolved with no apologies and it isn't helpful at all.
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    we go through phases. We'll have a week where we fight a lot, then we kinda resolve everything and don't fight again for several weeks.

    The good thing about our relationship is we fight and are able to move on and grow from it. So I don't mind fighting. It's when you fight and fight and never make progress that I think fighting/arguing is unhealthy.

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    We've gotten into two fights. We'll get mad at each other, or have a disagreement...but we hardly ever fight. But, when we do...we fight, and then we sit and work it out.
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    I put other because sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. Most of the fights we have lead to growth and realizations about the things that are going on that need to be addressed. Others times one of us is just being grumpy or moody (that is usually me ) At this point we just stop talking and cool down.

    Usually though it leads us to growth and being closer as a couple.
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