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Thread: Things You've Taught Your SO...

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    Big Grin Things You've Taught Your SO...

    That you never expected to teach!

    I was thinking about this as I wrote the rent check today. What are things that you have taught/are teaching your SO that you never thought you would have to do?

    For me, it's:

    - How to write a check (he had always used cash)
    - How to keep money in the bank account (still working on this...)
    - How to separate laundry!
    - How to grocery shop (he thought chocolate, booze, and cereal was all he needed )
    - How to use online bill-pay (he's still not a fan)
    - How to set up an e-mail account (seriously!)
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    Where to store shredded cheese.... :suspicious

    He now stores it in the freezer so it lasts longer.

    I don't know if I have really taught him anything in particular. I am going to teach him online bill paying for sure. And I'm sure a few other things eventually. But that is all that is sticking out to me at the moment.

    ETA: oh yes how to ski, I'm teaching him how to drive a manual, uummm.... i taught him sorta kinda how to ride a motorcycle.
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    How to make crepes and speak French, and yes I am super stereotypical.

    Otherwise, he's a pretty smart fella.
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    I've taught Russ:

    -how to book a train ticket lol
    -I told him what happens at the gyno.....
    -I told him how tampons/pads work and how to use them (He was genuinely curious.... he has no sisters so he had no idea. )
    -how to kiss and everything after that (I was his first everything. )
    -how to dance (I'm slowly building his confidence. )
    -How to speak a little french

    I can't think of anything else.
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    Yesterday DB told me he wants me to teach him to Tango... I'd been planning to teach him to dance, but our time together is so short that we always find more...ahem... urgent things to attend to...!!
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    What a grain elevator is. When we got our pre-deployment pictures taken, there was one in the background, and he thought it was a prison. Various other agricultural things, how to type (he knew how to hunt/peck, but when he deployed, we relied on the laptop to talk, so his typing improved a lot. I take the credit for that because if he wasn't with me, he wouldn't have a reason to learn), how to check a blood sugar, what my low/high symptoms are, lots of other stuff about diabetes, and how to jet ski.
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    Online bill pay, the difference between their, there, and they're off the top of my head.
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    - How to spell so many things. He's an awesome speaker, but man does he misspell!
    - A bit of American Sign Language
    - How to use semicolons. I was very proud
    - A bit of Chinese - especially from my parent's critical phrases, lol.
    - All kinds of math: I taught my man how to factor!

    But if I really think about it, I have to admit that my DF taught me a lot more than I taught him, in terms of practical things. Even though I'm the scholar, he knows so many odd facts about history, lol. And tons of practical things- how to drive to save gas, how to fold shirts really quickly (which is why he folds laundry heh), etc. etc. So I really benefit from him
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    Quote Originally Posted by january View Post
    the difference between their, there, and they're off the top of my head.
    Lucky! 3.5 years and DH still uses the wrong one 98% of the time, and when he uses the right one, it's by chance.
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