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Thread: Who is your fav....

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    Who is your fav....

    celebrity and why (no...not for hotness, for actual reasons)

    Mine is Jay-Z. He works a ton with the underprivileged inner city kids, especially in his old hometown- the Bronx. He wroked so much to help the red cross during Hurricane Katrina. He supports music programs in lower income schools, works hard to get younger people to become more political, supports same-sex marriage which (for a black rapper from the hood) is HUGE and supports the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

    He is a damn good rapper, has really intelligent lyrics, seems like a freaking cool guy, was super responsible about marriage- not wanting to marry beyonce earlier for fears of becoming like his father and later divorcing her and I just...I love him.
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    I like him a lot too. I don't think I have a favorite though. I like Rihanna for being fly as fuck but she's too annoying and I had to unfollow her instagram. Huge loss to her, I'm sure.
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    Ellen Degeneres. She's so funny and cares so deeply for so many causes and indivuals
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    I admire Shaquille O'Neal (Definitely not for his acting/rapping ) He grew up extremely poor and made something of himself. He works closely with children who come from poor areas and has his Doctor of Education. He donates a large amount of money to several charities and has supported local law enforcement. There's a lot that I admire him for but mostly not letting fame eat his soul like so many others.

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    I love Jay-Z too!

    My fav is Charlize Theron. She is basically a badass, IMO. She witnessed her (also badass) mom shoot and kill her alcoholic father, when he threatened to kill them both. She became a model, came to America, studied at the Joffrey, had a horrible knee injury, then became an actress. She has taken on all roles, no matter what they were. She was unbelievable in Monster.

    I just love her.
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    I don't really follow any celebrities, but I loved Trace Adkins on Celebrity Apprentice...

    And also Blake Shelton the wookie.

    There aren't really good reasons (in my head, I'm sure there are good reasons that I am unaware of, I realized that sounded way wrong ) for liking them and I don't really know anything about them, but they both amuse me greatly.
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    I love Jay Z too I worked for the Boys and Girls Club last year

    Ellen is my girl though. She's always helping out people who need it.

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