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Thread: Debating what to use for my new tat.

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    Question Debating what to use for my new tat.

    Once DH deploys, I'm getting a new tat.

    I've already planned for a swallow on each shoulder blade to represent faithfulness and safe homecomings. I'm still working on the complete design and coloring, but its going to include a thin blue line as a memorial for sure. But now I'm contemplating adding a latin phrase to "connect" the two swallows (would go across the top of my back).

    So I'm debating on these so far-

    Non Sibi Sed Patriae- Not for self, for country (naval motto)

    In umbra, igitur, pugnabimus- In the shadows, therefore, we will fight (First Artillery Detachment of the United States Army) but I think it also signifies a Cop and LE too

    Deus et patria- God and Country

    Oooh, thought of this one-
    in umbras nos defendere- in the shadows we will defend (since most cops don't like overt appreciation or serving in the spotlight, and working at night, serving the community in the shadows of our fallen, and because most people don't like seeing cops unless they are needed)
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    I like the first one the best. I prefer the way the third looks written out, but I love the meaning of the first.
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    This is just my personal opinion, but I think with text tattoos the "less is more" rule definitely applies. So from that perspective, I like the third one.
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    The third God and country.

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    Third one!

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