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Thread: When communicating...

  1. Banned
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    Hello When communicating...


    ETA: I was thinking about this this afternoon. I realized that, on the whole, I am more of a listener. I enjoy hearing what people have to say, how they say it, and observing them.
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  2. Waiting on Baby
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    I do both

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  3. Senior Member
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    I feel like I may be a better listener cause I always feel awkard when I talk
  4. Grouchy Hag
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    I'm pretty much always the listener. I only speak when I have something well thought-out or useful to the discussion at hand, or if the person I'm talking to is actually asking for feedback.

    If it's something I'm really interested in, though, I become a total chatterbox.

    Now that I think about it, I just hate talking.
  5. I got soul but I'm not a soldier ♥
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    I got soul but I'm not a soldier ♥
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    I am definitely more of a listener!
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  6. Moderator
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    Depends on who I'm talking to. There are very few people who can draw the "talker" out of me, but I don't really enjoy big talkers either. I like people with whom I can sit in silence. I'm really good at parallel play. I guess if there must be verbal communication, I prefer it to be fairly equal, but I'm much more likely to let a big talker dominate conversation than I am to take it over myself.
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    Depends on who i am talking to honestly. If it is someone i am not particularly comfortable with, ie most people, i prefer to listen. If it is someone i am close with my dh or family i think its a fair share of both maybe leaning towards talking more.
  8. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    I would say I'm equal. I do both. Someways one more than the other and it also might be who I'm communicating with and what about. If someone just needs to talk I'm a great listener. If they want my advice/opinion I can do that too.
  9. Senior Member
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    I put both equally, because I feel it evens out. Most people I just listen to, but with the people I talk to a lot, I'm kinda chatty.
  10. Justice Beaver: The Crime Fighting Beaver
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    I *try* to do both equally. Sometimes I talk too much and sometimes I listen more than talk. It really depends on the topic or my mood

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