So we are watching Rescue Rangers and Gadget is dressed up like a girl in trouble and tells Dale that her accomplaces will know him by the pass word

"Seven shy spies stole the Scheisser's (Scheiße's) secrets."

Scheiße Schei•ße f , - no pl
vulg (=Kot) shit sl , crap sl
inf (=unangenehme Lage) shit sl
inf (=Unsinn) shit sl , crap sl
(echt) Scheiße sein inf to be bloody awful (Brit) inf inf or goddamn awful (=ärgerlich) to be a bloody (Brit) inf inf or goddamn nuisance
das ist doch alles Scheiße inf it's all a bloody mess (Brit) inf sl , it's all shit (=Unsinn) it's all a load of shit sl
in der Scheiße sitzen inf to be in the shit sl , to be up shit creek sl
Scheiße bauen inf to make a balls-up (Brit) sl sl , to screw up
→ Scheiß

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Never would have caught that had I never taken German in school