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Thread: I be crazy!

  1. The name says it all!
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    The name says it all!
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    Screwy I be crazy!

    I just bought a glider for dd's room and a cd player to put in there so that she can fall asleep in her room without a squeaky recliner like the one we have in the living room, lol. It's nice. I'll have to take pictures and show you ladies what it looks like when I get it together.

    I had to buy it because when I rock her to sleep in the recliner, when I get up, it squeaks so badly that it wakes her up.

    DH: Thank you. ME: For what, babe? DH: For being you.

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    I love my glider!!! Still rock Anna when she needs it. I feel ya on the recliner because that's all my inlaws had so whenever we rocked her to sleep there when she was younger I dreaded the squeaking of the recliner!

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