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Thread: Ghengis Khan

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    Ghengis Khan

    ok maybe this is me only but do you guys ever wonder if you're a decedent from him? i was watching a tv show and it said he's believed to have 16 million decedents living today. i've always wondered this prior to watching this though . and what if me and my husband are both decedents?

    i'm weird i know.

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    I dont think I dad can trace our family back to mid-late Roman empire in France. And before that, I dont think there was a huge amount of transport and trade of Asian people.

    On my moms side we are all Germanic, so there is a higher possibility there, but for me, I still dont think so.

    MF's family...who knows Maybe...

    But you also have to think, 16 million, when China itself has >1 billion people. Until very recently, there was not much travel of anyone, and especially of the Asian cultures, so most descendants are probably still in Asia.
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    Its fascinating isn't it? I don't believe I'm one of his relatives nor is DF, but who knows!

    I'd love to be a participant in one of those DNA studies though

    after talking to DF, apparently he might be Inupaiq (eskimo) are descendents of mongolians learn something new everyday!

    and then he said aren't we classified as mongoloids? (he and I) ....again, had to look it up, but I guess so idk what any of that really means at this point.

    But I find it interesting

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