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Thread: How often do you?

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    How often do you?

    [Buy new sneakers?

    DH's battalion had their Hump Day yesterday, which consisted of a mud run so his sneakers are now completely shot. They were coming to an end anyway but now they're just far from gone.

    He made a comment like, "Well the ones I have now are almost a year old so it's about time to get new ones."

    This was me -

    I was like, "Dude... I've had the same sneakers for 4 years." ]

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    When they kind of smell or get dingy
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    usually a couple years
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    Pffffft never. I only own one pair and I got them like a year and a half ago and they're still like brand new. Granted theyre only for working out and I uhhh don't, but still lol.

    When I wore sneakers for my old job I had to replace them like every 6 months or so, but the chemicals I worked with broke them down really quickly.
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    "Well, if there's a bright center to the universe, you're on the planet that it's farthest from."

    Dh goes though them a pair every six months. He runs 12-15 miles a week, so they break down pretty quickly.
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    You know how when you buy new sneakers (I call them tennis shoes) you wear them to the gym, or go running, and you don't really use them for errands or dirty work...but then you start wearing them when you have a morning of volunteering or doing something labor intensive? Yes...thats when I realize I need new shoes haha.
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    I exercise a lot so I go through one to two pairs a year.
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    I have lots of sneakers lol. All different colors. Mostly Nike. If I see a pair I like I buy em

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    You're supposed to get new sneakers (at least for sports/running) every year or every 500 miles. Otherwise it'll fuck up your feet, which are VERY important. VERY VERY important.
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    I still have mine from high school
    My cheer and dance shoes too those are great for working out

    Even have my blue nikes from basket ball still

    Hubs has to get new ones every year, he manages to get the so worn they get holes lol
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