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Thread: Action Shots

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    Action Shots

    Does anyone else find pix of the SO in the field or on the job as adorable as I do ?

    DB sent me pix in the firefighter (drill) gear today and I just swooned over them. And he sends me pix of him on deck or in his work space and I just love love love them.

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    nope. he avoids the photographer like he's an insurgent
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    Oh yeah, I've got some pics of DH in the field and when I look at them, I kinda get light headed!

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    Not really but then again the only pictures he's been in he's been way in the back, or when he had the firefighter gear on I had no idea he was even in the picture till he told me he was. (he's apart of one of the ship's damage control teams as an "extra" thing he does on the ship...)
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    I wish DH works in a classified room, so I've never seen a picture of him doing his actual job.

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    When I look through pics of him on deployment or teaching a class or anything, I find it totally adorable!

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