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Thread: What do you look for

  1. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    What do you look for

    When looking at apartments/homes?

    We don't even get the possibility for orders until October, but looking at apartments is like my favorite thing ever So I'm looking at them in all our hopeful areas

    What is a "must-have" when you look at places?

    I'm so picky I basically have to start this far out
    I don't like the idea of on base because we have to buy our own washer and dryer..
    It has to be a newer place, no older than 5ish years old, unless remodeled.
    Gated entry.
    Has to have 2 beds, 2 baths.
    Walk in closets are a must, extra storage a super plus.
    I need a balcony or patio.
    The kitchen has to have nice counters, and like new appliances.
    Pantry is an almost automatic sell factor.
    Double sink in kitchen.

    And there's more. Poor DH
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  2. skp
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    I NEEEEEED pretty much everything on your list. I'm like you - I start looking way ahead of time.

    Right now I have roommates but I'm looking at moving to a new city and getting a 1 bedroom.

    br33 is my professional deployment twin
    starsinthesky is my PAL
  3. Mouse Addict
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    This is to rent. We will never buy.

    A back yard and barn/garage. We have hockey gear and a hockey net. DF would die if we didn't have a place to shoot and I would die if I had hockey gear in my actual house.

    Older, not brand-new build. I love houses with character.

    Dishwasher, washer and dryer are requirements.

    The amount of rooms depends on if we were looking for our own home or with roommates. In the future, I want at least two bedrooms and two baths because of having a guest room/office for me. The attic is just not cutting it

    An actual house. I hate apartments but we're willing to sacrifice if we have to.
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  4. MissOptimistic
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    I am picky about layout. I could give or take on square footage (to an extent) but the layout has to be good. Also, at LEAST 3 br 2 bath.
  5. Go Ducks!
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    Water heater that works. Biggest thing to me

  6. Vandelay Industries
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    6000 miles apart
    I don't think that's picky as long as you're willing to pay more than average.
  7. BingBangBoom that's how babies are made
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    San Diego
    Backyard with fence or a large inclosed patio

    Has to approve larger dogs

    At least 2 beds, 1 1/2 baths

    Garage or covered parking. If only covered parking then it has to have security cameras

    Kitchen counter-space

    Storage space

    Washer/dryer hook ups. If it has the washer/dryer in the unit that's even better because they're probably better than mine

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  8. Meet me underneath the Oklahoma sky
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    1. Fenced in yard.
    2. Two bathrooms (one for DH and one for me).
    2. Dogs approved.
  9. Senior Member
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    all i can think about for when DB and i find a place is that dogs are allowed cause i know i'm gonna want one, and im sure he will too.
    other than that i have no idea since ive never lived on my own
  10. Praying for a Miracle
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    What is a "must-have" when you look at places?

    We are in escrow on a house now - so we have been looking a lot lately.

    Must be at least 3 bedrooms.
    Granite counter tops - the master bath has ceramic tile so we will be replacing it with granite or marble
    Hard wood flooring.
    Travertine or stone tiles in kitchen and bath
    Stainless steel appliances

    Pleeeeeease stick!!!
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