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Thread: Would you rather...?

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    Would you rather...?

    Relationships Would You Rather Questions - Page 1

    Interesting questions on this site. lol

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    Looks like I'm in the minority with I'd rather have an awful relationship with amazing sex.
    They didn't have the "I'd rather have amazing sex with no relationship" option

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    My answers:
    1- great relationship, but terrible sex. Toys can fix one, the other cant be fixed.
    2- have a romantic dinner first- hello, free food! Yum!
    3- I would rather stay single with loving friends- Who says you cant love your friends as much as a man? I LOVE my friends, and if I were to be single forever, but have them, I would be happy.
    4- short, but passionate love life- who cares if its a long life if its empty of something so wonderful?
    5- I'd rather save myself. Darwin.
    6- I'd rather be caught cheating than find MF cheating. Both are awful, but at least in one of them I have another man to go to. Haha thats terrible...
    7- date my enemy- so I can talk shit about both of them then envy my bffl and possibly resent her
    8- cocky. low self esteem is a relationship killer and such a downer.
    9- text- private
    10- Lucas till...i dont know who he is, but I like him

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