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Thread: Leftovers

  1. i will NOT limbo in Idaho
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    i will NOT limbo in Idaho
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    Do you have them often? Do you actually eat them or just throw them out? Do you re-purpose them?

    We have leftovers almost every night! I come from a big family and cooking for 2 and a half if hard
    We rarely ever throw any leftovers out and if I can I will turn it into something else.

    Example: last night we had roast, potatoes, and carrots. I am eating some of the potatoes and carrots right now, DH had a roast beef sandwich for lunch. Tonight I will use the rest of the roast to make beef stroganoff and I will mash the carrots and potatoes and make potato pancakes this weekend
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  2. Mombie.
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    DH loves leftovers. I like them with some things, but most of the time I don't bother with them.

  3. Senior Member
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    Have them, but don't eat them. Dh works nights so he doesn't eat at home with us. He eats them before going to work and makes a lunch plate for later in the night.
  4. BingBangBoom that's how babies are made
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    BingBangBoom that's how babies are made
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    There's always leftovers in my fridge. Always.

    I rarely ever turn them into something else... just eat them for lunch or dinner.

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    we eat left overs. normally for lunch the next day. they have a 2 day max on them tho.
  6. ...
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    I love leftovers Dh is meh about them.
  7. Account Closed
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    My husband's mouth is a garbage can... food does not get wasted in this house.

    That being said Im with you OP that I don't cook for just us/one meal... when I cook I make enough for us to eat plus throw 2-3 meals in tupperware for DH's lunch and dinners when he goes to work.
  8. Senior Member
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    I love love LOVE leftovers!!! In fact, I really should just make extra all the time so we have left overs. It's the best dinner. I don't have to do anything but stick it in the microwave
  9. Go Ducks!
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    Go Ducks!
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    I eat them 50% of the time

  10. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    I picked the generic "other" response

    It really depends on what I make, but most often we don't. If I'm cooking a meat and potatoes meal (chicken/pork, tatoes and a veggie) I only cook for the two of us so there are no left overs. If I make things like a roast or a casserole, it's hit or miss. Depending on which I make and if it's DH's favorite/had he eaten lunch that day... he polishes it off. Like he is not a big guy whatsoever, but he is a human garbage disposal. If I want leftovers I have to make his plate for him

    Most often though, if we do have leftovers, he won't eat them. Just me.
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