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Thread: What are your prepping tactics?

  1. Lex Justo BAMF Patriot Guard Rider!
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    What are your prepping tactics?

    With all the talk of sever storms and weather and the zombie apocalypse, what have YOU done to prepare yourself, your family and your home?

    What is included in your "stash"?

    Do you have a bug out bag?

    Do you have a source for food or water?

    What is your game plan? Will you stay or bug out? How will you bug out? How will you protect your location?

    What are your tips?

    Anything else you want to share! Including your reason for prepping (ie bioterrorism, nuclear war, government take over, pandemic, etc)
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  2. "You'll stay with me? Until the very end" HP VII
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    "You'll stay with me? Until the very end" HP VII
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    I have done nothing. I'm hoping that if anything like that were to occur, I will be with DB and he will know what to do
  3. In vino veritas
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    Nada. I live alone in an apartment while I go to school. Id probs go and be with friends.
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    Me: AZ
    Honestly, since I'm in AZ, I haven't really prepped for anything. The chance of any natural disaster is pretty slim here. I really would like to clean out my laundry room and make a little survival stash though. Jugs of water, non-perishable foods, first aid, etc.

    In OH, my Mom has a ton of those 5 gallon water bottles full of water for emergencies. They actually came in handy that one year that the electricity went out for days. Once the water sanitation plants shut down, she was sharing with neighbors who really needed water.

    ETA: In case of zombie apocalypse, the plan is for to drive to DB's house, where he has an arsenal of guns and ammo.
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    Staying out of debt, ample savings, food storage (3 months' supply), water storage, always keep our vehicle at least 1/2 full of gas, and getting/keeping our bodies healthy and able.

    It's not for anything specific, but just general preparedness for times of disaster whether they be financial, natural, or man-made disasters.
  6. verabot89
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    If there is an end of the world/huge disaster situation I hope I die early.
  7. La vie boheme
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    We're bugging out with our bags and necessities. My family back home owns a produce company so my family says when the revolution happens we're setting up fort there. They'll do rotating shifts on the roof for security and we have plenty of medics in the family. We can barter and trade food plus DH and my brother have become mini farmers, gun collectors, and read survival books just because. . DH is like a modern day MacGuyver.

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  8. The LDR that never ends..
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    We dont have a supply kit, but we do keep stock of candles and flashlights as we usually lose power we have a generator. We have a radio since no power means no news. We don't get sirens out in the boonies but I have a web of texty friends always looking out for me. We have a fridge in our basement stocked with beer if we ever go down. But honestly there's not much you can do if a tornado picks your house up and chucks it.

    We did move all the pictures we have to our basement from the attic. My room is in the basement and if we get a tornado warning I gather my laptop put on some comfy clothes gather my puppies and go to our guest bedroom in the middle part of our basement that has no windows.
  9. Do or do not... There is no try.~ Yoda, Jedi Master
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    "Well, if there's a bright center to the universe, you're on the planet that it's farthest from."

    You should watch Doomsday Preppers. I'm really enjoying it. It makes you think.
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    Nothing really. DH reads A LOT and we watch Doomsday Preppers. But we live in a tiny apartment and we don't have room to store a bunch of stuff.

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