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Thread: Facebook family/acquaintances/strangers?

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    Facebook family/acquaintances/strangers?

    I just saw this on the facebook TMI thread where someone referred to the facebook family. I've used the phrase before, but never thought about it.

    Do you have close friends and family only? Do you have acquaintances? Strangers?

    I use mine a lot for networking and I am very concervative on what I post, but I know people that only have family and use it to make family announcements and such.
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    I have a mix. Some people from SOS but other than those few - it's all close friends/family. I don't keep work colleagues on there or anything like that.
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    I only add family and friends. The only exceptions would be acquaintances I would like to move on to being friends with. Plus, MSOS people who I have met in person and want to keep up with.
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    i have a mix. family and close friends, people from my high school, college, housemates, random ppl i don't remember meeting,
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    i only have people i know..or people i've met through here. no work people and social life is separate.
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    I am very selective of who I keep on Facebook, but I am also very selective of what I post. I have some MSOS ladies on there, but they are the only ones considered "strangers", as in I've never met them. Everyone else is either family or close friends. I continually weed my list and delete people who would never talk to me IRL, or those who post ridiculous and immature things and I'm not close to.
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    I have close family and friends mostly on my facebook. I do have a lot of people that I have meet when I was AD in the Navy. I like to just see where they are today and how they are doing.
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    Mine's pretty open. I mean, I have ZERO connection to someone, or close to zero, I won't add them, but I don't have to know someone particularly well to add them. I am very careful about what I post on Facebook. If I wouldn't tell a stranger in conversation, it doesn't go up.
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    No one from work.
    I only add people I actually know.
    And about half of my friends are on limited profile.

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    Friends, family, a few acquaintances.

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