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Thread: When grocery shopping, do you..

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    When grocery shopping, do you..

    Only buy things that are on sale, or doesnt it matter?

    I realized today while grocery shopping, DF only usually buys things that are on sale.


    I should've explained better ..

    if you see something you need, example; soup. and you see a brand that's on sale, and the brand you usually buy, do you get the brand that's on sale, or doesn't it matter which brand you buy. if that makes sense.
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    If it's something I NEED I'll buy it no matter what but I'll try to buy things on sale as much as possible.
    Most of my grocery shopping is just for me so it's very flexible.

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    I buy what we need and use, it's awesome if that thing happens to be on sale. A couple times I've found a better deal on something and put the original thing back, but generally I go with what I know I like vs what's cheaper. I'm very picky so there are a lot of brand items I won't budge on, like sour cream and ketchup.
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    Usually only when on sale, unless its something I'm specifically going for. Like if I want to make pasta and have no sauce, I'm still going to buy the sauce if its not on sale, but next time its on sale I'll buy a few. Staples like eggs and bread I buy regardless.
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    It really doesn't matter. But some stuff we try to only get when it's on sale.
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    I buy what I need. If its on sale, that is just a bonus.
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    I only buy things on sale. I am really strict with my grocery shopping.

    1-I keep a stocked pantry of the staples
    2-I never ever ever buy things just because I want them
    3-I will not pay over a certain set limit for things (ex. no more than $2 per lb for ground meat)
    4-I never run out and "have" to get groceries
    5-I don't shop based on what I want to cook, I cook based on what I buy/have (which is what's on sale)

    I despise paying full price for anything. If it seems expensive for what it is, I will not buy it.

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    I only have a set list of things that I buy each time I go. If I see one variation of these items on sale rather than another variation, I'll go for the sale...if not, then I pay regular price. But I don't stray from my list just because I see something on sale. If it's not on my list, I don't get it.
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    I buy what is on my list only normally, and normally none of it besides maybe the cheese or hot dogs are ever on sale. I don't know how anyone would get everything they need only buying things on sale. If there is some trick to it I want to learn.
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    I always buy what we need whether or not it's on sale. If it's on sale, awesome, if not, oh well. I'm a definite stickler when it comes to my meats. DH and I prefer to spend a little extra on good meats

    I also don't happen to be a "list" shopper. I'll go through my cabinents before I leave, see what I already have, and then walk up and down the aisles and pick things up that I'll use.

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