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Thread: this is gonna be so hard

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    this is gonna be so hard

    so DB has possible dates for a leave next month before he actually leaves the country. its not 100% yet but if it is he doesnt want me telling anyone especially his parents cause he wants to surprise them and everyone at work.
    i let it slip to 2 people at work today () before DB even said he wanted to surprise people so i told them to just pretend to be surprised if it happens

    its gonna be so hard to not tell anyone. i need to learn how to shut my big mouth
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    Every time you want to tell someone post here or pm someone. just be like he comes home sooo soon. I was going to do that when we weren't going to tell anyone we got married.

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    thats such a tough secret to keep since you will be so excited! good luck! I like the suggestion monkeyeyes gave!

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