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I love visiting Sin City! Me & my girlfriends go at least once a year. I take it living there isn't as fun?

Where in CA did you grow up? I've been a Valley girl my whole life (San Fernando Valley that is). Spent some time in the San Gabriel Valley when ExDh & I lived with his parents when we 1st got married but the majority has been in the SFG.
Oh geez, don't even get me started. Yeah key word is VISIT as in a "nice place to visit but you wouldn't want to live there". It just Away from The Strip everything looks like a treeless, brown, dusty ashtray. People are mean and dumb and the base is the CRAPPIEST excuse for a base I've ever witnessed. And there's NO weather here. It's HOT or not hot, no winter at all.

I grew up in Northern CA, so at least I'm only a 10hr drive home away from here.