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Thread: If you could, would you?

  1. Banned
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    Smile If you could, would you?

    Start your own business?

    If so, would it be more of a producing business or a service business?

  2. Senior Member
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    I had my own pool cleaning business in 2004. It was tough and unfortunately I couldn't keep it above water... no pun intended... It was difficult but a valuable learning experience.
  3. Account Closed
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    I'd definitely want to! I don't know what I'd do, though
  4. Moderator
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    No, I wouldn't. My first priority is being home with my kiddos, so I would not start something that would immediately or eventually require that much commitment.
  5. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    Eh, maybe someday, if it was something I'm passionate about. I've thought about starting a ministry. But right now, my commitment is to my husband and my daughter and I couldn't place anything above them.

    “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” -- Carl Sagan

  6. The LDR that never ends..
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    The LDR that never ends..
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    After seeing what my Dad has gone through the last 7 years
    There's so many hidden things you don't know about, licensing, book keeping, attorney fee's [for those few occasions when one is required] certification, taxes, fee's, employee wages and their health coverage and social security benefits, insurance. Customers who want you to do the work for free and are just terrible.

    I couldn't do it. I'll get my LMHP and work for the Government instead
  7. Regular Member
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    I have considered and have been told for years that I should open my own swim school, however opening/operating a pool is way expensive and in many ways not worth it unfortunately. But hey dreams can be dreams right?!
  8. Vandelay Industries
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    6000 miles apart
    no way, too much to handle.
  9. Studying my life away.
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    I've considered opening my own veterinary practice once I graduate vet school, at the same time, I've also thought it would be much easier to just work for a larger established veterinary clinic so I don't have to worry about paying off the building and paying all the overhead etc. However, I'm planning on trying a few different routes after I graduate, so I put other, because I'm not sure if I would or not, that's something I'll have to decide when I get there.
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    If I could and I knew it'd be all hunky-dory and I wouldn't fail at it, sure. I'd like to own an indie bookstore/coffee house type deal. But yeah, I could do that now if I wanted, technically, I just won't because it doesn't seem viable or practical.
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